Baby Food Fruit Feeder Pacifier – Relief Teething Silicone Nipple Includes All The Sizes The Silicone Nipple Pouches Feeder Pacifier 6 Different Toy Teether in Appetite Stimulating, Pink/Cyan,2Pack

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Happily growing children are what their mother dream of and more importantly our responsibility.Eyes are the window of the mental world, and FuDaDaddy is willing to together witness the growing moments of children with their parents.We promise to take best care of your children by virtue of product innovation, safety and quality.Wherever and whenever it is, we are always ready to provide the best product and services.FuDaDaddy is the brand that deserves your constant support.

Material the fruit feeder gives the baby fresh juiceMaterial the fruit feeder gives the baby fresh juice

Color: Pink/Cyan

Package included: Baby feeder 2 pack

Replace the silicone nipple 3 pack

Make your baby one step closer to independence

It helps the baby to relieve anxiety at teething time. It is a good helper for the baby. It exercises the grasping ability while feeding the fruit and interacts with the parents more independently.

Silica gel pacifier makes baby feeding more hygienic

The silicone nipple has holes through which the juice fully spills out.As long as the baby has a little bite, it will be able to absorb the delicious juice, which will bring surprise and happiness to the baby

There is a silicone nipple that can be replaced in different models

We deliver 3 types of silicone nipples, S M L respectively, which can replace different fruits to feed babies. Babies can choose different sizes of fruits when they are in different ages and needs.It’s a great way to eat fruit.









After you slice the fruit, put the fruit into a silicone mesh bag

Make sure the fruit fills most of the bag space

Merge the upper buckle

Give the baby a feeder with fruit

【MULTI-FUNCTION, EASY TO CARRY】 It is both a feeder and a gumming toy.Open and eat anytime, anywhere, and close the lid to instantly lock in fresh fruits and vegetables.Let the baby happy through teething period, not messy bite dirty things, every bite is fresh juice.
【BABY HANDS, EXERCISE HANDS ABILITY】 Exercise the baby’s grasp ability, you do not need to mash the fruit, slice into the feeder, let the baby grasp and eat, the pacifier has a number of 2 mm diameter fruit juice hole, the baby bite, juice evenly into the mouth, that is to supplement nutrition and exercise hands-on ability
【A VARIETY OF SILICONE NIPPLE ALTERNATIVES ARE AVAILABLE】 We provide 3 kinds and 6 different types of silicone nipple options, the baby can find the corresponding silicone nipple for feeding each growth period, parents do not need to buy other sizes of silicone nipple.
【SEPARATE DESIGN IS CLEANER AND OFFERS A LIFETIME WARRANTY】 Separate design no dead corners disassembly cleaning more assured, and we provide a lifetime warranty, if you are not satisfied, please contact us for a full refund.
Price: $21.98 - $9.99
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