Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborn and Organic Baby Bath Hooded Towel – Best Baby Shower Bundle

Your Must-Have Hairbrush & Comb Set!
Having a new baby sparks the greatest joy and love you’ll ever experience. We know that you want to give your baby only the best treatment, to keep them safe and happy. We feel you! With KeaBabies Luxurious Hairbrush Set, your baby will enjoy the most comfortable daily hair grooming. Let us be with you through this precious bonding and loving moment.
Perfect for use after a nice warm bath. Give your baby an extra relaxing treatment before a good night’s sleep. Take this moment to talk to your baby, let them listen and learn from you.
KeaBabies Tips:

  • Wash hairbrush bristles with shampoo and air dry.
  • Use goat bristles to brush the hair, followed by bamboo bristles to gently massage the baby’s scalp.

We use premium grade goat bristles that are soft and non-invasive for your newborn’s delicate scalp. Helps in even oil distribution to prevent cradle cap and promotes healthy hair growth. Reduces balding spots on your baby’s head.
KeaBabies Tips:

  • Use goat bristles to brush the hair, followed by bamboo bristles to gently massage the baby’s scalp.

All our products are thoughtfully-designed and handmade with love. Our hairbrush and comb set uses all natural materials. Perfectly sized for an adult’s grip and comes with a string loop for hanging on wall hooks.

  • Cute gift box – perfect gift for baby shower.

Prevents Cradle Cap – We use soft natural premium grade goat bristles which help in evenly distributing the natural oils in your baby’s hair for a healthier and cleaner scalp. Daily scalp massages can help prevent or reduce cradle cap from building up and also protects your baby’s soft spot.
Relaxation – Brushing your baby’s scalp daily can help with blood circulation and relaxation for your baby before a good night’s sleep. Keeps your baby happy and healthy!
Large 35″X35″ Baby Bath Towel – Babies grow up quickly, our baby hooded towels are made large enough for newborns, infants, toddlers and kids up to age 5.
Suitable for All Skin Types – Protect your baby’s delicate skin with the right bath towel. Rough bath towels may cause more aggravation to certain skin conditions. Our organic bamboo hooded bath towels are gentle on skin and protects your baby’s skin dermis, making every bath experience a happy one!
Price: $35.96
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