Baby Shower Cap,shower Bathing Protection Cute Adjustable Waterproof Visor Hat For Girls, Boys, Babies, Toddlers And Kids

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1. It can protect the kid's eyes and ears from water during bath or haircut, make a funny experience for the kids.
2. You can rinse it with water after use. It's flexible and convenient to carry if you go out. Great for baby as a sun hat and haircut as well.
3. Keep your baby or toddler feeling safe during bath or shower time by keeping splashing water out of their face preventing water phobia and splash water drowning.
4. Very light and hence promises sturdiness and durability, suitable for girls, boys, babies, toddlers and kids as well.
5. Facilitate bathing time, bathing your child more easier and have fun experience! Block water from entering his/her ears , eyes or mouth with this ergonomically designed bath visor.

*Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect
*Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement

Size: 15*13cm

1 x Shower Cap

1. It can protect children’s eyes and ears from water during bathing or haircut, bringing a fun experience for children.
2. Rinse with water after use. It is flexible and convenient to carry when going out. Great for babies as a sun hat and haircut.
3. Make your baby or toddler feel safe in the bath or shower, avoid splashes, prevent water phobia and splash drowning.
4. Very light, so it is guaranteed to be strong and durable, suitable for girls, boys, babies, toddlers and children.
5. Convenient bath time, making bathing your child easier and having fun! This ergonomically designed shower cap prevents water from entering his/her ears, eyes or mouth.
Price: $8.42
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