Baby Teething Toys 6 Packs BPA Free Silicone Baby Teethers, Freezer Safe Organic Infant Teething Toys Soft & Textured for Natural Brain Development

Product Description

teething toys for babies 0-6 monthsteething toys for babies 0-6 months

baby teething toys

baby teething toys

teething toys for babies 6-12 months

teething toys for babies 6-12 months

baby teethers

baby teethers

baby chew toys teething

baby chew toys teething

Multiple Texture Design

This baby teething toys set have 6 chewing toys with different shapes. And each teether has different texture beads designed to massage gums and soothe teething symptoms. Babies will enjoy the massaging sensation on their gums and never lose interest!

Food Grade Soft Silicone

The teethers are made of chewable food grade silicone which is soft and flexible that will not hurt baby’s gums. It is NO chemical odor, Zero choking hazara and 100% safe for newborns. The teething toys was BPA-free and toxin-free. As baby doesn’t quite have good motion control of their hands yet, the soft teethers won’t hurt them when putting it close to their face.

Multiple Grooves Design

There’s different textured grooves on surfaces and the base with different sensations, these are for multiple chew purposes on different teething period. Provide flexibility to practice biting, chewing and controlling the tongue while developing the necessary skills to eat solid foods. They are perfect for assisting the eruption of front, middle and back teeth.

Easy To Clean

The teething toys are dishwasher safe, or you can wash them with bottle cleaner and warm water. They are heat resistant and you can use steam or boiling water to disinfect before use. They can also place them in freezer to add a little extra soothing touch.

silicone teethersilicone teether

4 Fruit Baby Teethers

The fruit teething toys are designed as a teether tree. Both sections are firmly and safely connected and flexible. The handle is just right for baby to hold, and the size is good for them to chew. Designed to fit baby’s mouth comfortably without posing a choking hazard. Baby loves the bright colors and the fruity shapes. It stimulates baby’s visual, motor and sensory development.

teething rings for babiesteething rings for babies

2 Teething Rings for Babies

The Teething Ring is perfect for little hand to grip and there’s different grooves on surfaces for different chew purpose.

infant teething toysinfant teething toys

【Happy Satisfaction From Teething Relief】These infant teething toys are designed to soothe, massage gums and reduce fussiness & discomfort. You can freeze them so they will be more soothing for baby. These amazing fruit teether toys are a safe and easy solution to gums pain relief. Help your little get through those rough periods with beautiful soothing pieces.
【Attractive Cute Fruit Design】In this pack, there is 6 teething toys with different fruit designs and shapes. Baby loves the bright colors and the fruit shapes. Different shapes of teethers have different textures, these texture beads can massage teething gums and soothe teething symptoms. These teething toys also can inspiring the baby’s color recognition and shape recognition ability. They are ideal choice for baby’s developmental comfort.
【Perfectly Fit for Baby’s Hands】The baby teething toys are perfectly shaped for little hands to grab easily. The handle is just right for baby to hold and the size is good for them to chew it and prevent swallowing. These teethers also exercise baby’s fingers flexibility and gripping ability.
【Lovely Baby Shower Gift】If you are looking for a cute and functional gift for a baby, then this teething toys set is your perfect choice. They will not only give babies a happy time, parents will surely like these colorful teethers as these teething toys help their parenting job easier.
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