Balm! Baby Teething Rescue Kit – 100% Natural Teething Tincture & Topical Teething Oil Rub | Made in USA (Sweet Glycerin)

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100% PURE NATURAL INGREDIENTS: TEETHING TINCTURE is made of an infusion of Mother Earth’s most gentle herbs – organic chamomile and catnip (while catnip makes cats ‘hyper’, it is from the chamomile herb family and has the opposite effect on humans and is calming). TEETHING RUB ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic chamomile, organic catnip, organic clove buds, non-GMO tocopherol (vitamin E), organic clove bud pure essential oil.
TWO OPTIONS OF TEETHING TINCTURE: Available in either an Organic Vegetable Glycerin base – or an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar base. Vegetable glycerin is sweet to the taste and gentle on little tummies. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial to the body, does not contain any known allergens, best option if your baby has acid reflux, and is safe for little ones as well (but will not have a sweet taste like the vegetable glycerin).
AMBER GLASS BOTTLES (Teething tincture has glass dropper) Made in the USA – woman owned and operated | Natural teething relief by Balm! Baby, a brand you can trust – focused on quality, integrity and sustainability – and little ones everywhere!
DIRECTIONS: TEETHING TINCTURE: See usage chart image for appropriate amount per age of child. Give straight from the bottle or add to a bottle or cup. If squirting into mouth, squirt down & to the side towards cheek. TEETHING RUB: Use clean finger or cotton swab to rub on baby’s gums (amount will depend on child; adjust as needed). BOTH: Use several times a day as needed. Recommended 6+ months (ask health care advisor if under 6 months). Store in fridge to extend freshness if desired.
Price: $24.95
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