Brilliant Baby’s 1st Toothbrush with Case, Silicone Chewable Brush for Babies & Toddlers, 1 Count, Green

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Nurture a Lifetime of Good oral habits with proactive oral care. Give your child independence of oral care with baby’s 1st toothbrush of the Brilliant Oral care system, that’s designed for babies to hold and control. The program guides you with innovative oral care products that grow with your child from birth. Starting from the foundations and through teething budding, the products are designed to take care of budding baby teeth with State of the art and soft products that children love to chew on. During teeth eruption development, The program progresses to distinctive round toothbrushes for ages 4 months to adults, that easily clean those hard-to-reach places where food and plaque can build up and cause oral problems. Includes carrying case. With Brilliant 1st toothbrush teether, mom can take a break. Now it’s your child’s turn to take the role of teeth brushing as you train your child with responsibility of oral care starting as young as 4 months. It’s a 2 in 1 oral cleaner and teether that removes plaque and massages gums. This silicone baby toothbrush is soft and flexible which soothes and relieves soreness and can even be chilled for ultimate relief from teething. Invented by a pediatric dentist, its innovative hand-shaped design and silicone composition allows for children to clean teeth and gums as they chew. Specifically designed for babies, The toothbrush is 100% food grade silicone and is BPA free making it completely baby-safe and easily washable. Due to its silicone construction, parents and caretakers of crawlers and toddlers don’t need to worry that a hard toothbrush handle will poke or hurt them. You and your baby are turning a corner in the Brilliant Oral care program, unlocking the key to child’s independence of oral hygiene.
Baby’s 1st toothbrush teether is child controlled and great for Teething! Innovative h-shaped, 6 sided brush gently cleans and massages upper and lower teeth and gums simultaneously
This teething toothbrush works with water to help clean sugars and plaque from the mouth to prevent cavities and can be chilled in the freezer to soothe tender gums from teething.
A training toothbrush for infants 4 months and up with or without teeth, available in a variety of colors for boys or girls – Dishwasher Safe, easy to clean and convenient for home and on-the-go oral care!
Baby toothbrush is 100% food grade silicone, ideal method of oral care designed and recommended by dentists. Kids love baby’s 1st toothbrush and moms approve!
Price: $6.99
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