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The composition of Dexeryl cream was selected to treat the
symptoms and ailments caused by dryness of the skin.
Protective coating thanks to white petrolatum and liquid paraffin: physical anti-evaporation effect,
prevents dehydration (loss of water);
barrier protecting against
the damaging effects of external factors In addition, the hydrating
effect of glycerol facilitates water balance within the skin.
Dexeryl cream ingredients reduce the intensity of existing and counteract new irritations.
The cream is intended for external use. Apply a thin layer to the damaged skin once or twice a day.
If necessary, the cream can be used more often, up to 6 times a day.
After each use, the tube should be screwed down.
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Pacakge:1 x250 Dexeryl cream New Package : France Original Brand Name

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Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ LOUEMEI

2.It is specifically for the treatment of signs and symptoms of skin dryness (xerosis) expecially in various skin diseases (such as atopic dermatitis, ichtyosis).
3.It has been shown to be effective but, importantly, patients significantly prefer using Dexeryl. Patients’ general consensus*: – 29.2% perceived improvement with gelified glycerol.- 60% saw significant improvement with Dexeryl.
4.Comparative study on 65 patients with ichthyosis. Comparison Dexeryl vs gelified glycerol. Reasons for choosing Dexeryl
5.A protective cream intended for the treatment of symptoms and ailments caused by dry skin, especially in various dermatological conditions, eg atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis. The way of using a medical device
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