Door Knob Covers – 4 Pack – Child Safety Cover – Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby

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Product Description

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Jool Baby Products – A Mom’s 1st Choice!

Jool Baby is a trendy family company that meticulously designs the very best products for infants and toddlers. Founded by a Dad of 3 children, his frustrations with available children products led him down the path of creating simpler, yet safer products that he could use in his own home.

Guided by traditional American values, Jool Baby treats our customers like family, and care about their happiness and well-being. Our innovative baby products are of the highest quality, safety tested, and child secure. It’s our goal to make homes a place where parents can always feel secure and have less worries. Jool Baby works with our local community in New Jersey, educating them on child safety as well as donating free products + a portion of profits to some of their less fortunate families.

DOOR Knob CoversDOOR Knob Covers


Discreet, Practical & Hassle-Free! Every Parent’s Dream Is Finally Available! Looking for an easy and convenient way to childproof your home now that your toddler has started to open doors?

The Door Knob Covers by Jool Baby Products is the ideal way to prevent your child from entering dangerous rooms and make sure that your little angel is safe and sound, even if you’re not in the same room all the time!

Door Knob CoversDoor Knob Covers


Sleek Design These Door knob covers are white so they can blend in to your doors & won’t be an eye sore in your beautiful home!

Happy Moms & Happier Babies Our Door knob covers will surely become the talking point of your next baby shower party, thanks to its practical and thoughtful design!

Easy & Quick to install The Door knob covers are simple & quick to install. With just one click your home is childproof!

What Are You Waiting For?

Package Size
8 Pack 4 Pack 4 Pack 5 Pack 6 Pack 30 Pack
White White White Clear White Pink/White
Recommended Age
0-4 Years 0-5 Years 0-5 Years 0-4 Years 0-10 Years 4+ Years
Intended Use
Standard Spherical Door Knobs Knobs, Handles & Doors Up To 5″ Apart! Fridges, Cabinets, Drawers, & Much More Prevent Accidental Fires Prevent finger Injuries Filters Dust & Pollen
Deters children from opening doors or getting locked in a room. U-Shaped lock fits knobs and handles up to 5″ apart. Squeeze and slide to open lock. Uses high-quality, strong plastic. Secure fridges, toilets, cabinets, and other appliances. Easy to install with long lasting 3M adhesive. Clear universal design fits more stove knobs than competitors. Durable & heat resistant with hinged lid for easy adult access. Prevents door from slamming on childrens fingers. Made from high-grade EVA foam. Compatible with standard doors. High-performance 3-layer protection
Tool-Free Installation

Safety Tested

Child SafetyChild Safety

Compatible with standard spherical doorknobs. Fits more door knobs than any competing product.
Our door knob safety cover features a subdued, unobtrusive design that blends into your room design.
Manufacturers lifetime warranty covering defects.
Price: $9.99
(as of May 20,2022 21:05:12 UTC – Details)