Dr. Talbot’s Complete Nursery Healthcare Kit for Baby, 7 Piece

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Dr. Talbot’s Baby healthcare kit has all the right tools for all the right times. The kit includes a digital thermometer, sure dose medicine dropper and medicine spoon, Medi nursery, nasal aspirator with ear syringe and infant nail clippers. This kit helps simplify life when things get a little hairy. Never worry about not having the right tools again as Dr. Talbot’s Baby healthcare kit has everything you need!
The kit contains our digital thermometer, helping you quickly and accurately Check your child’s temperature. Provides accurate readings in 30 seconds
The Sure dose medicine dropper ensures accurate dosage measurement in both teaspoons and milliliters. No mess, no waste, and a sure dose is given simply and effectively
The Sure dose medicine spoon ensures accurate dosage measurement in both teaspoons and milliliters. Designed to allow your child to take their medicine themselves and feel like a big kid
The Medi Nurser provides an easy, neat, and accurate way to administer oral medicine or vitamins to your baby. The container features side indentations for easy grasping and a Snap-On nipple-ring assembly
The Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe combines two tools in one. Remove pesky congestion from nose and ears with the nasal tip and flexible ear syringe.
Keep your child from painful scratches! Our Infant Nail Clippers specially sized for baby’s tiny nails, but easy for Mom and Dad to use.
Price: $18.99
(as of May 17,2022 09:05:10 UTC – Details)