Liname Neutral Pacifier Clip with Teething Mittens & Soothing Toy – Pacifier Clips for Boys & Girls – Silicone Teething Mitten – Baby Pacifer Clip – Baby Chew Toy and Teething Glove

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Why choose Liname? AMAZING VALUE: Not only do you get your incredible 4 Pack Pacifier Clip with teething toy but a Silicone Teething Mitten with another Teething Toy. PREMIUM QUALITY: Soft and gentle to touch, water resistant and easy to clean material with durability. UNIQUE DESIGNS: Modern and attractive designs keep your baby looking beautiful. SAFE: We comply with ALL safety standards. PERFECT GIFT: Your pacifier clips come in high quality gift packaging
Best Quality Paci Clips & Binky Holder: Parents love pacifier clip which are washable & durable. Baby pacifier clips & pacifier holder are strong & set to apply on baby boys and girls. Neutral pacifier clip prevents toys from falling on the ground.
Proven Teething Toy: Baby Teething Mittens & baby teething toys are sensory & stimulating. Teething mitt crinkle sound, pain relieving texture, and contrasting colors will stimulate your baby’s senses helps in achieving teething milestones sooner.
Safe For Your Baby: You can rest in the knowledge that all Liname pacifier clip and baby pacifier holder fully comply with safety standards & are leads and phthalates free. Food grade silicone teething toy provide instant teething relief to babies.
Liname is a family owned business supplying high quality baby pacifier clip & pacifier holder products to US, Europe & Canada for many years. Our emphasis is on quality & continuous improvements in the category of baby pacifier clips and baby teethers
Price: $12.98
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