Mombella Teether Toys 8-12 Months Laydybug Teether Toothbrush, 0-6 Months Mimi Mushroom


【Mushroom Teether-sucking needs】
The famous psychologist Freud believes that the pleasure of the baby
in the early stage of the oral cavity (0-6 months) mainly comes from the sucking activity of the lips and tongue.
Sucking itself can produce pleasure.
And they start to rub on the mushroom, through rubbing and pulling to relieve teething discomfort.
And obtain satisfaction from the pleasure of sucking.
【Ladybug not just a Teether, but also a Toothbrush】
When the babies grow to 8-12 months, their upper jaw will grow two or more teeth,
and also babies gum get a little bit stronger. More harder teether will be a must.
Ladybug teether toothbrush comes, it is designed accordning to this demand.
It is a little harder than elephant teether. It is suitable for babies with more teeth.
Consciously guide the babies to practice chewing,
chewing more can help speaking ability and help teeth grow neatly.
But also ladybug teething toothbrush can help
form baby’s habit of brush, to prevent tooth decay.

【Grab Toys】Non Choke Hazard Design! Grabing design perfect for tiny little hands to hold onto and promote to exercise the baby’s fine hand movements.
【Baby Massager Teething】Babies will discover the teether very quickly and will enjoy massaging gums with it. Massage gums can reduce the possibility of baby eating hands, and relieve swelling, pain and itching during teething.
【Safe Material】Odorless! The whole product is made of BPA free food grade silicone, it is safe for the babies to teethe on no matter which part ends up being in their mouth.
【Easy to CLEAN, STORE and STERILIZE】Dishwasher, freezer & sterilizer same, the teething toys resistant to high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees F).
Price: $15.99
(as of May 03,2022 19:05:19 UTC – Details)