Nuby Ring O’ Keys Teether

Babies love to grab and chew whatever is within reach-especially shiny, jingly keys. Nuby Ring O’ Keys are the perfect solution to keep your wee one entertained and your keys dribble-free. Ring O’ Keys are brightly colored to draw little eyes and keep baby’s attention. The keyring is sized to be easy for little hands to grip onto so they can grab and shake the keys to their heart’s content. While playing with ring O’ Keys, little ones will practice hand-eye coordination and develop their motor skills. Ring O’ Keys are ideal for teething, too! Each key features different textures to help stimulate gums, assisting in the emergence of New teeth. The mix of hard and soft surfaces on ring O’ Keys provides new sensations for babies to explore while teething.
Ring o’ Keys features both hard and soft surfaces. The varied materials are gentle on tender gums while still being solid enough for children to bite down on. Even after little teeth start to emerge, ring o’ Keys will hold up to chewing and chomping.
Children will love shaking the keys and moving them back and forth on the keyring. The attached ribbon provides additional textures for baby to chew, tug, and explore
Bright colors and interesting shapes capture baby’s eye, engaging their sense of sight. The colors grab and keep baby’s interest
Ring o’ Keys’ Keyring design is great for gripping! The keyring loop is the perfect size for growing hands to grasp and hold.
Price: $4.99
(as of May 04,2022 12:05:24 UTC – Details)