Nuby Silly Teethe, Yellow & Blue

Nuby’s Silly Teethe is an adorable octopus teether your child can rely on during rough teething times. Its silly smile, bowtie, and cute little hat are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. The Silly Teethe is made of super soft silicone which is gentle on tender gums. Each arm of the Silly Teethe has pliable bristles on the bottom to soothe and massage gums as teethe emerge. These flexible arms are the perfect size to reach to the back of the mouth and soothe hard-to-reach molars as they come in. The Silly Teethe’s hat is multi-purpose—not only is it cute as can be, but it is textured for easier gripping and gives baby additional surfaces to explore. Even better? Silly Teethe is easy to clean! Simply pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher between teething sessions. This silly little teether will make teething woes a thing of the past.
Silly Teethe is made of super soft silicone for sensitive, tender mouths. The soothing silicone provides teething relief without being too rough on delicate gums.
Silly Teethe’s arms feature massaging Nub-eez. These small bumps have a big impact as they cushion and gently massage baby’s tender gums as they teethe. They also help by lightly cleaning the gums.
The Silly Teethe’s arms are flexible and reach to baby’s new back teeth. The soft silicone combined with massaging Nub-eez provide relief even as molars come in.
Designed to be easy for little hands to grasp and hold. Little hands aren’t always able to grip well, so Silly Teethe is made with a textured hat for easy gripping until your child’s hand strength improves.
Silly Teethe is made of silicone. Nuby uses BPA-free materials with your child’s health in mind.
Price: $11.99
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