Samar Valley Teething Tubes – Pack of 4 Safe Silicone Baby Straws with Cleaning Brush and Different Surfaces/Colors for Healthy Molar Growth, Color Recognition, and Motor Control

Samar Valley silicone baby teether toys pack of 4 (4 toys with 1 cleaning brush) are made from heat/cold resistant silicone to be easily sterilized, tube-shaped for easy grip with different level hardness at the ends, and vibrant-colored to encourage color recognition. Each baby straw teether is hollow with dimensions of 6.3 x 0.35 x 0.7 inches that facilitates the right amount of pressure on your toddler’s teething gums. The results are a satisfied baby enhancing his chewing capacity as he/she presses his/her gums on the molar freezable tubes.

Why silicone of all materials?
The silicone is soft unlike plastic but maintains its shape, unlike rubber. Not to mention how safe it is to make pacifier toys for 06 to 24 months girls and boys. It can also be molded easily into various shapes. The softness of this material is ideal for making a baby chew stick in the USA. We’ve taken it further by adding the requisite non-BPA safety.

More than just cold flexible hollow teething tube
Serve it cold to your kid and let him or her chew her way to get those molars out. However, it’s more than that. The vibrant colors of yellow, blue, tea pink, and green encourages growth of healthy color receptors at the back of his or her eyes. The small cold freezable pacifier supplies that are even suitable for ages 12-18 months are tube-shaped for a reason. Unlike other shapes, your infant can grab it easily. Even if he or she inserts it into his or her mouth to the point of gagging, he/she won’t be able to swallow it at all.

Easy to clean
You get BPA-free best teethers for molars with a cleaning brush to clean the hollow insides of the straws for babies. The silicone is heat-resistant as said earlier, so you can toss the molar sticks into a dishwasher or rinse with hot water.

How to use?
1. Clean a tube with soap and hot water and let it dry
2. Let him chew it
3. Repeat the cleaning process and store it in a freezer(optional)
Baby Teething Straws or Toys are made from heat-resistant silicone to let you sterilize them in a dishwasher or using hot water after every use. These teething tubes are CPSIA Certified
Hollow Teethers for Babies come with a cleaning brush for thoroughly cleaning the inside of the teething tubes
Best Teething Toys in yellow, blue, tea pink, and green encourage color recognition, motor neurons growth, and mood correction for babies 6-12, and 12-24 months
Your Toddler Would Love the teether pack because it’s easy to use, chew, and hold, but if not, you have our 100% money-back guarantee
Price: $8.99
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