The Official Teething Egg Teething Bundle – Made in the USA- Includes The Grippie Stick (Baby Blue)

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The Teething Egg is the original, OFFICIAL TEETHING SENSATION from the United States. It is an award-winning teether manufactured in the USA with 100% American materials.The smooth egg-shaped design is patented, and made from a unique TPE material blend. The texture provides a soft yet firm surface, perfect for developing gums. Unlike traditional teethers, the curved shape of the egg provides full coverage of both the top and bottom gums. The Grippie Stick Included! The Grippie Stick helps young teethers develop grasping techniques Unlike other teethers, our teethers are made in the USA with non porous material to prevent any liquids from getting in. Your baby will be safe with the closed non porous system.
🌟 MADE IN THE USA from food grade TPE material – the latest rubber blend (latex free) technology used in a wide range of children’s products including pacifiers.
🌟 Bundle includes The Teething Egg with a companion clip to keep it close to your little one. Also included is The Grippie Stick. Easily attaches to the Egg and helps develop grasping techniques.
🌟 Made In The USA from US Materials. BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate, Metal, Latex, and Lead Free. Closed, non porous system
🌟 Baby Blue color. Easy to clean. Dishwasher and steam sterilizer safe!
Price: $34.99
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