XIIQIUCS Baby Wooden Teething Relief Toy Nature Organic Nursing Holder Teether,DIY

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Item Type: Baby Teether
Material: Beech Wood
Weight: Approx. 43g / 1.5oz
Product Size: Approx. 10.3x7x1cm / 4.1×2.8×0.4in
Type: Pendant
Treatment Process: Grinding/Polishing
Color: Wood Color
Uses: Can make necklaces, bracelets, rattles and nipple chains
Grip: The perfect shape for baby’s grip, with built-in grip points.
Features: Naturally polished, smooth surface, without any paint, to avoid the risks of allergens.

Package List:
Wooden baby teether, distract baby’s attention when taking a bath, making bath more enjoyable and relaxing.
Adopts high‑quality beech wood, it is safe, non‑toxic, durable, and suitable for babies to bite.
Help reduce the discomfort of the baby’s teething, enhance grasping skills, and promote dental health.
It is also suitable for DIY to make all kinds of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, nipple chains, etc.
The unique antler shape design is very cute and it is a great gift for baby’s birthday or other parties.
Price: $9.90
(as of May 06,2022 20:05:21 UTC – Details)